Research website that will help you become a better stock picker



If you are a stock trader, this website is for you!   


  • Each day, a powerful set up is suggested for a remarkable stock swing trade.
  • All open transactions are monitored until exit with a robust stop management.  





How is it done?

  • A thorough research is done on stock price dynamic and company fundamentals.
  • Stocks that belong to the trading universe benefit from a strong price momentum and offer an attractive value.
  • Systematic rules help determine stocks whose price should recover from a recent pullback.


Building your edge

  • A stock report is prepared daily and sent to subscribers.
  • It displays the stock of the day and an optimal buy level.
  • It monitors the stop for all open transactions, until exit.
  • You will become a better swing trader.


Sample report

Trading stock report 190305Trading stock report 190305 (232.76 Ko)


Free signals

  • All transactions open for more than 5 trading days are displayed.


Full transparency 

  • All closed transactions are displayed.